Survey Results

ALL of third grade completed the survey! Thanks so much, 3rd Grade!  THere were 21 teachers that completed the survey. Thank you so very much! 

  1. 89% responded that they are figuring out or feel confident implementing math Tier 1 interventions

  2. 85% said they are figuring out or feel confident implementing reading Tier 1 interventions

  3. 75% selected "I've got it!"  or "I'm almost there." for graphing

  4. 55% are "almost there"  or "got it" for moving students to Tier 2

  5. 94% feel confident filling out PMP paperwork

Do you have any suggestions for making this process easier/simpler/less confusing?

  • offer more training (small group setting) during pre-planning and thru out the school year on teacher work days.  This is something I will look into. Although it's already offered, perhaps if there were points attached people would come?

  • The website helps a ton, however the 1 on 1 sessions seemed to help a lot as well. For some reason I had a hard time downloading the correct graph... I am sure it is a user error! LOL! However, I will just have to keep plugging along until I get this right. I think being flexible on both ends really helps. Could be user error, but there are also a lot of problems with the graphs. :(

  • Maybe a question and answer blog of some sort where we can post. Any post on here can be commented on, and voila! - a discussion!

  • I think uploading the pmps and graphs has made it easier. I like that.  Interesting. I thought maybe it was too much for people. It certainly helps me though, shuffling through 250 files is easier electronically.

  • We need a full-time RTI/ESE teacher/instructor. I couldn't agree more!!!  However, what would you want that person to do? You are all much more capable than you think you are!!!

  • I think that after we go through the process this year, it will naturally be easier in years to come...it's just a learning curve. :) Absolutely true!

  • Your website is very helpful...I over anaylize and over stress myself at times for no reason. Great to know; I try to make it easy to follow, but it's a lot of information.

  • I feel that meeting with parents only the 2nd week of school was too soon. I didn't feel I really new my students yet. I felt more comfortable last year when we were able to wait until the Fall SAT-10 results and after the first progress reports. I understand completely. This is why we need to identify the students ourselves prior to the end of the year. Less than 5% of the students that are currently in Tier 2 (those students that were 'ours' last year) were identified last year. That means they entered this school year with nothing following them. Aimee can not possibly pull every student on a PMP, how do we know who needs what from year to year if no one does the paperwork?  And remember how we talked at the beginning of the year about how on SAT10 only 60% of students made a year or more of growth?  It's great that our average is 1.07, but we need ALL students to show a year's worth of growth, don't you agree?

If you could have small group or one on one help from me, what would do you want help with?

  • Which Math skills are continuously recordable...Number Sense. With the exception of many spatial skills in math, number sense affects everything. Harping on a new math topic with a child that has no internal number sense is penny-wise, pound-foolish.  Just as in reading we continuously focus on fluency, word-attack and vocabulary regardless of the comprehension skill or reading material, so must we focus daily instruction on basic number sense to include adding, subtracting, etc. but also patterns, algebraic thinking, etc.

  • I would love to see how else I can use interventions in the classroom during math. What strategies I can use that go with the curriculum?  The first step is to make sure that during your math block you are pulling groups. You can do this by assigning practice or setting up math centers, but it is vital that you work with small groups. Problem solving is highly individual and simple calculation errors can become embedded if not corrected.

  • charting again Come to one of the RtI help sessions and I'll show you again!

  • choosing appropriate interventions  Have you explored the websites to the right?

  • Differentiating instruction for the students who need it.  A great idea for a training/PD. This is an age-old question that never has a truly satisfying answer. I can give it a shot if you come to the RtI Help sessions.

  • How to pinpoint what interventions to use.  You guessed it, come to the RtI Help sessions.

  • Comprehension skills. Putting reciprocal teaching into effect.  RtI help sessions...

  • I am still working on how to best implement help during center time.  RtI help!

  • Graphing. Finding an easier way to do it.  Believe it or not, this is the easiest way I've seen. When we first started we had to do it by hand. If you mean WHAT to graph, let's discuss.

  • how to implement tier two interventions.  Can you be more specific?

  • The interventions to be put in place in Tier 2/making sure they are correct. Can you be more specific?

  • filling out behavior pmp -- what strategies do I list? Meaning what intervention? Have you checked out the links to the right? I highly recommend InterventionCentral.com as a first stop.

  • Understanding how RTI works and the order/process it is to be done.  RtI Help Session!

  • The moving to Tier 2 was effective. More things like that when needed.  Do you mean because it was small group?

  • intervention strategies. See above and to the right. ;)