Tips for Teachers Dealing with Bullying

Stop Bullying on the Spot

Two students fight in classWhen adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time. There are simple steps adults can take to stop bullying on the spot and keep kids safe.


Engaged Students Learn More

Use kinestetic activities to engage students. Wake up the brain by integrating body movement into lessons, or as brain breaks. These activities cure many problems in the classroom.



This scene is from one of my favorite movies, "Freedom Writers".  On many levels I can relate to Erin and have experienced almost this exact situation. In addition, I feel that working for a charter school, we face this type of thinking often as well.  I must share with you a mantra I have developed over the years for myself: decisions are easy, do what is right.  I do what is right by students, and try to let the rest go. Here's hoping everyone has a great school year!

I Can

Here are two behavior charts for primary aged students for Tier II: I Can #1I Can #2.  Behavior charts are great because you can customize them to so many needs. Many students need a higher rate of reinforcement to exhibit acceptable levels of classroom behavior.  Behavior charts help you give visual feedback to the student instantly or at the end of a block of time throughout the day and can be tied to larger rewards.  It is usually easy to fade these systems to your classroom-wide system. 


Think Different


Guest Blog - RtI

Thanks, Jessica, for the opportunity to guest blog! This is my first time guest-blogging, and I'm glad to have the opportunity. 

I'm the RtI Coordinator at a PreK-8 Imagine charter school in Florida. Prior to my current position, which is new for this year, I taught PreK ESE, 1st, 3rd and 4th grade as well as middle school reading. I hold certification in Elementary and Special Education and am currently finishing my educational leadership M.S. This will be my fourteenth year teaching.  I've taken a  long path to my current position and I truly feel I have found where I belong. Finally. 



I love to craft. Since my daughter was about three, every year over Thanksgiving weekend we make Christmas ornaments to give as gifts. Over the years, we have expanded to include larger gifts such as scarfs, decorative pots and framed scrapbook pages. One thing I've never done, but always heard it was very easy was using Mod Podge, which is a type of glue. This year I don't have a classroom, so I've been missing the classroom-set-up activities I used to enjoy every summer. I decided to decorate my new office with some crafty items to satisfy the need to "nest". I'm sharing an office with a coworker and we decided on an orange and pink color scheme. .I made two different Mod Podge items,