ELA Reading Foundations

RF1 - Print Concepts

Alphabet Partners
Concepts of Print Activities
Concepts of Print Assessment
Go Fish Upper and Lowercase letter game
Pumpkin Punctuation

RF2 - Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness Assessments
Reading A-Z Phonological Awareness Lessons, Books and Worksheets:

  • Lesson 1-5 Identify and produce rhyme; discriminate sounds and words
  • Lessons 6-10 Identify and produce rhyme; discriminate initial sounds, blend syllables, blend onset and rime
  • Lessons 11-15 Discriminate final sounds; blend phonemes; segment syllables and onset and rime
  • Lessons 16-20 Discriminate medial sounds; blend and segment phonemes
  • Lessons 21-25 Blend and segment phonemes; manipulate initial sounds
  • Lessons 26-30 Blend and segment phonemes; manipulate final and medial sounds

RF3 Phonics

Reading A-Z Phonics Lessons, Books & Worksheets 
Lessons 1-35  Consonant, Short Vowels and and Word Families Lessons
Lessons 36-41  Blends
Lessons 42-45  VcE
Lessons 46-51  Consonant Diagraphs
Lessons 52-58  Vowels
Lessons 59-64  Variant Vowels and Dipthongs
Lessons 65-68  R-Controlled Vowels
Phonics Assessments 
Sound-Symbol Books
Phonogram Flashcards
Nonsense Words

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