How is Behavior RtI different from Academic RtI?

The Behavior RtI forms are not online. They are filled out by hand on hard copies.  You may be completing Academic AND Behavior RtI on one student.

When do we place a student on a PMP?

Mandatory: If the student scores below 25% on SAT10 AND scores Level 1 or 2 on FCAT (for grades 4-8)

Teacher discretion: If you have concerns about a student's performance based on classroom observations or beginning of the year assessments

Teacher discretion: If a student is performing poorly on classroom and/or standardized assessments throughout the year

What about students already in Tier 2 or 3?

Download and print the Fidelity form from Google Docs from that individual student's file which will tell you the interventions and give you a place to keep track.

What about students on an IEP?

Students on Speech ONLY IEPs must be placed on a PMP under the same conditions as other students. Students on any other type of IEP are not placed on a PMP usually.

Why can't I find the right form?

Each student has an electronic Excel file, with all the forms in one file. Look at the tabs on the bottom for the correct form. The PMP is the form farthest on the left.

Who do I graph?

Students on PMPs, until after the September 30th data review. All students in Tier 2, 3 or on an IEP.

What do I graph?

Students on PMPs should be graphed based on the three areas identified by the grade level.

Students in Tier 2, 3 and on IEPs should be graphed based on the grade level areas AND their individual academic plans.