What's Next?

At this point, students fall into several categories.  Read on to see where your students stand!


Tier 1a - All students receive quality instruction.


Tier 1b - Students below 25%tile or otherwise identified placed on PMP  with basic interventions and graphed.


Tier 1c - Students identified as not making growth on PMP, move to Tier 2

By Monday, October 31st 

Electronic Upload:

1. Tier 1 TPST Form*

2. Academic Plan for Tier 2

Hard copies of:

3. graphs

4. updated, signed PMP

5. SAT10 spring and fall

6. current grades

7. attendance report

8. FAIR reports

(*In the meeting summary of the Tier 2 TPST form, this is where the notes from your discussion about lack of progress from the PMP interventions go.)


Tier 2 - Students receive additional interventions/more time/less students in group

The teacher needs to print the Tier 2 fidelity form and keep track of the interventions.  Perhaps you could talk as a grade level about how each person is implementing both Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions.

Due January 5th:

1. printed, updated graphs

2. fidelity forms

3. current grades

4. FAIR reports