We're at the halfpoint of the year, basically.  We're tired. We're beaten down by our failures. We've yet to see enough success to sustain us. But. What can we still do that we will wish we did in June? After all the results come in, after report cards are out, what will we regret about our teaching?  We are changing lives. We are not just selling merchandise and lining our boss' pockets. We are molding the future. We are not only molding the future for each individual life that sits in our classrooms, but we are changing the face of education in our community, state, country! Do not give up. Work through it. Take a deep breath and think about: what is going to make the difference. Perhaps most importantly: WHO is going to make the difference?  You know who? YOU.  You make the difference. Every day, every moment. You make the difference between a child feeling as though they can reach for the stars or feeling as though they will never be good enough. Make this year count. No regrets.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSBK19ZJ0ME&w=420&h=315]