Multisensory Math


So, this summer I am tutoring a second grader who has been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. She is unable to take medication, so focusing is a very difficult task for her. She has particular problems in math and so after working with her yesterday I decided to see if I could find some more ideas on how to teach math using a multisensory approach.

While researching, I remembered a training I attended more than 10 years ago regarding Touch Math so I decided to look into it. The idea is very visual and physical, which helps most students learn, but is nearly essential for a student like my "Tuesday tutoree".  She mixes up numbers, forgets whether to count up or back when subtracting and really does not appear to have any concept of what all the abstract computation is. Place value, time and money are all a mystery to her.

The Touch Math site has several sample units per grade level that are available free for download as well as number cubes that can be downloaded and made with laminated card stock.  There is also a free training available. If any of you have additional multisensory math resources or links, let me know!