Don't Give Up!

Goal: At least 85% of students at ISTC will make at least 1 year's worth of growth as evidenced on SAT10 learning gains in both reading and math.   Remember that from preplanning?  (Last year in reading it was 60%, in math it was 54%)  ;)

The following are . Please take a moment to look at your graphs on students identified last fall during the first quarter  to make sure that they have not fallen through the cracks. Some of these students may have been doing ok in the fall but are now falling behind again. If so, they need to be considered for Tier 2.   For primary grades in particular, please pay special attention to fluency, phonemic awareness and number sense. Although students might do well on FAIR and on their report cards, they could be falling behind in those "red flag" areas.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWXwziQEa8w&w=420&h=315]