Graph Problems

Hello everyone! I just put a bunch of paperwork back in your boxes with some notes regarding the graphs. There are three issues that nearly everyone that I gave the paper back to had.

1. Make sure your years are right. If there is a long distance between data points on the graph, it is likely that your year is off. If you enter data with the date happening in November or December, but you're physically entering it in January or February, for example, the computer automatically puts the year you are in when you are entering it. When this is the problem, it looks like this:


2. The dates are squished on the bottom. The psychologist won't accept the file if the dates are squished. They have to be able to see the dates. The way to fix it is below.

3. Some of you tried to unsquish the dates, but you did it wrong and it messed up the graph. In this case the data looks stacked on top of itself.  Below is how you fix that issue as well.

The graph should look something like this:

To unsquish the dates:

  • Right click on the dates for each graph you are going to print.

  • Click "Format Axis" which is the last option on the bottom.

  • Where is says "Major Unit", click Months (it is defaulted to days).

  • DO NOT put Months for "Base Unit". (That causes the stacked data points.)