Number Sense Activities & Links

Number sense is as important to doing well in math as knowing the alphabet and sounds are in reading.  You must find 101 ways to practice these vital skills in the elementary classroom!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Give each student a number, the students must line up in order silently according to their number.
  • Give each student a number, call all students with numbers that are even or odd, less than 5, greater than 15, etc. to line up. 
  • Give students a 100 chart with 20%, 50% or 80% of the numbers missing. 
  • Make posters that show 10 different ways to make the same number.
  • Play a version of HeadBandz by having 1/2 of the students have a number on their forehead. They have to guess their number by listening to clues given to them by their partner. 
  • Color lima beans red on one side and white on the other. Place in a cup. Shake the cup, dump the beans, write a number sentence or a fact family to go with the number.
  • Build "houses" with base-10 blocks and then label the house with the number.  Put in order to make a neighborhood. 
  • Roll dice to make a number. Then make a pattern using that number.
  • Using a hundred chart, find patterns and color them in. (All even yellow, all numbers ending in 3 red, etc.)
  • Using a spinner, write equations or fact families to match the number spun. 
  • Given 10 cards with two digit numbers, race to put the cards in order. 
  • Make a giant 100 board outside. Roll giant dice and have students jump to the number while skip counting. 
  • Play a speed game with cards, the person to slap the largest number first takes the cards. 
  • Play place value war with UNO cards.
  • Use dice! http://kbkonnected.tumblr.com/post/12928926198/40-resources-for-dice-and-everything-dice