A Day in My Shoes

Ruby Red Slippers

A day in my shoes. Hmmm. Well, first of all, I am terrible about shopping for myself, so you have three pairs of shoes to pick from so that limits which outfits you can choose, which is further limited by whether you feel like ironing (or if you have enough time between locating lost pom-poms for your daughter and bribing your son to get dressed with xbox).

6:00 - I wake up, go to the bathroom and decide
that 30 more minutes under the covers is totally necessary.
6:30 - The second alarm sounds, and I change it to the radio, saying to myself: just one more song. This usually goes on at least until 7:00.
7:00 - Jump in the shower and get ready at lightening speed
7:30 - Check on kids to make sure they are as ready as they say they are.
7:40 - Sit in car in an effort to encourage kids to join me.
7:45 - Mediate battle between kids about the radio vs. silence
7:55 - Pull in the parking lot 10 minutes later than I would like.
8:00 - Students start coming in for homeroom. Three students are at my desk. The phone is ringing, I haven't checked my email and I can't find my lunch account paper. Again. My printer ink is out, so I can't print another one.
8:35 - Homeroom ends. 8th grade arrives. Mediate an argument between students.  This class is my favorite class in many ways because they are very motivated to make gains before they go to high school.
9:25 - 7th grade arrives. Check in with mentored student regarding turning in of homework 
10:10 - 6th grade arrives. This class is the most energetic, off task, class of my day. I practically do cartwheels to keep them engaged.
11:05 - 6th grade arrives. This class is the eassiest of my day, as they actually like to read!
11:55 - lunch...between bathroom and getting my mail as well as making sure the students are not killing each other in the lunch line, or throwing food across the cafeteria, I scarf down my Lean Cuisine and wish I had brought more Diet Coke than I did. Again.
12:30 - Monitor study hall in 7th grade. Attempt to help students with math problems. Send students to math teacher for clarification. Try to answer emails.
1:10 - Monitor 6th grade study hall. Stop correcting papers to mediate student conflicts in the hallway while watching students in room.
2:00 - Planning. Look at to do list that has 14 more things on it than are humanly possible to do in 45 minutes. Make a phone call to a parent. Cross one item off list and go down to office to meet with coworkers regarding the second hat of my job: RtI Coordinator.
2:45 - Attempt to look at RtI files between fielding three phone calls from teachers, responding to email, writing plans, correcting papers and calling parents.
3:15 - Meet with a teacher regarding RtI.
3:55 - Meet with second teacher 10 minutes late regarding RtI.
5:00 - Sit in on a conference with another teacher for a student in RtI
5:55 - Hunt down daughter after cheerleading practice. 
6:00 - Run out of building so we don't get locked in. Again.
6:15 - Pick up son at friend's house
6:30 - Eat dinner there. (Thank goodness! I don't have to cook tonight! Again.Thanks Gina!)
7:00 - Vent about day to friend.
7:30 - Go home, get kids showered and in bed.
8:30 - Fall asleep reading with both kids in my bed, while the pile of work I was going to do goes undone. Again.

I've always been the kind of person who needs a lot of sleep. This really cramps my style. I'm also the kind of person who squeezes too much into every day and bites off a lot more than she can chew. Next year, my job is changing a lot and it should be SO much easier than the school year that just ended. We'll see!

This blog was written as part of a series at Teaching Blog Addict, "Check Out My Shoes".