Well, this year I won't be setting up a classroom, which, honestly, makes me sad. I loved going to my new classroom (I only stayed in the same classroom for two years in a row once in 14 years!). I love change, so I would usually change my theme each year. So, I can't resist Pinning classroom organization pins even though I have no classroom to organize! I figure I'd share them all with you!

People often commented in the last few years that my room was calming. I had started using a blue color scheme. By limiting the colors in the classroom, it was less visually distracting .

I have always used colored stickers to group students, but this is genius!

Doing this in your supply closet can double or triple your space, and keep you organized too! 

Simple way to organize, store, file and display anchor charts! A teacher at my school hangs them on hangers that have pant clips.  

For teachers who spend a lot of time straightening desks. 

I have always had sharp and dull bins. The rule was you could only get a sharp pencil if you placed a dull pencil in the bin. Sometimes I had table captains in charge of this, sometimes I had "active" students do this.