Resources I Can't Live Without

Rockin' Resources is a great blog to subscribe to, and I found it through one of my new favorite-things: Linky-Parties! Everyone will be soon inundated with school-related thoughts and will likely be spending some money! Here are some of my can't-live-without-teacher-tools.

I love Post It chart paper! It sticks to pretty much any surface and you can move it around easily. I use this for all my anchor charts.  Super Sticky post-it notes are a must with it, if you buy the cheap post-it-notes they just keep falling to the floor. Here is one example of how I used it.

I love this timer. It helps students to truly internalize a sense of time. It also helps students visualize time, especially half and quarter hours. There are now versions that have an audible sound, watch versions, desktop versions, etc. I use the large version for things like centers and timed tests. 

I also love using exercise balls in my classroom! I have the students sit on them. I've used them as rewards and also for those extra-fidgety students. This helps the vestibular system, which helps integrate the sensory system for better concentration. 

I always have overlays available, both the large size and the small EZ-reader size. The help with visual perception issues as well as return sweep and/or skipping line issues. Sometimes they help just to give an unmotivated reader a little push. 

I encourage students to bring in mp3 players when they have attentional issues or have trouble finishing work. They are allowed to listen to instrumental music to help block out auditory distractions. I've also used ear plugs for this reason.   

These baskets come in two sizes at the Dollar Store. They are sturdy, last years, and the smaller size is the perfect size for most chapter books.